August 19, 2019

Expectations of online gambling in the US


The US casinos have already entered the list of burning problems of the United States. Nevada is a national gambling symbol in the US, while some of the states have strict restrictions also on the online casinos. Recent trends in the US online gambling market look promising.

Around 90% of American players have easily moved from a traditional casino to the online platforms that provide the same services. At the same time, 85% of US gaming revenue is generated through its online segment. On average, the sports betting industry reaches the exorbitant numbers – $ 400 billion a year.

It is obvious that the US can not impose a strict federal ban on online gambling. The only obstacles can exist at the state level, where the situation is quite paradoxical. Depending on the state, the national operators must meet a long list of legal requirements to obtain a proper license.

It seems that the endless war between the operators and the state laws is strained: Many of the gambling icons keep pushing the corresponding bills about the partial legalization of online casinos.

The milestone to block state-level decision-making is the tax rates for online casino operators. Part of the fees make it clear that the government wants to benefit from the business as much as the actual providers.

Despite some legal opportunities, the online gambling niche thrives in the US. This business will soon reach its peak and will require a little more room for the expansion of its influence and audience.

In the near future we can expect further improvements. From the further development, the industry holds nothing. Recognizing the needs of the providers will solve many problems related to illegal gambling. This should be a minimum benefit that the states can not resist.