There are a number of different ways to place bets on sporting events. These include the use of bookstores or telephone betting. Since the development of the internet, sports betting on the internet has become incredibly popular. In fact, the most common way for people to bet on sports today is over the Internet.


There are literally hundreds of sports betting sites where you can place your bets online. Most of the traditionally large bookmakers and sports books run websites, and there are also many new companies in the market. Using these sites is by far the most convenient way to bet on sports, and also offers some other benefits. And it’s really easy to get started. All you have to do is select a website, set up an account and deposit some money. Then you are ready to go.


Not everyone is familiar with how online sports betting works, despite its popularity. With that in mind, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to online sports betting. It contains some useful and interesting articles, listed below, and a step-by-step guide to getting started. There are also some helpful online bet tips and details of our recommended sites.

Get started online - A step-by-step guide


We have already mentioned how easy it is to place your bets online. It is indeed the easiest way to bet – at a distance. There are many sports betting websites on the web and they are usually really easy to use. With the recent development of mobile betting sites, you can even place bets with your smartphone or other mobile device.


However, there are still many people who are reluctant to try online sports betting. This is often because they do not really know how to start. If this sounds like you, the following step-by-step guide should help you through the process.


  1. Choose an Appropriate Website


    • Once you have decided to try online sports betting, the very first thing you need to do is choose which website to use. You could forgive them for thinking that this is the easy part, but it really is not. The sheer number of sites available means that choosing one that is right for you is a challenge. 


    • You could just pick one at random, but that’s not a good approach. Most websites are completely secure and trustworthy, but they are not all of the same standard. You really want to choose one of the best, and also make sure that it is suitable for your own needs. This means that you worry about where to bet.


  1. Open an account


    • After choosing where to bet, the next step is to open an account. This is neither difficult nor time consuming. All you have to do is visit the homepage of the site you want to join, and look for a button or link that says “join now” or something similar. Most websites display these buttons and links in obvious places, so they are not hard to find.


  1. Make a deposit


    • With an account opened you are almost ready to bet. There is one more step to go though, and that is paying in some funds. Again, this is a simple process. Look for a button or link that says “cashier,” “deposit money,” “my account,” or something in that direction. To make a deposit, you simply have to choose which method to use and then enter the details. Funds are usually transferred for immediate use. 


    • When making a first deposit on a website, remember to check if a sign-up bonus is available. There may be an extra two or two that you need to take to claim it, such as entering a bonus code for example, so be sure to follow all instructions carefully.


  1. Start Betting


    • You can now start placing bets as you have a fully funded betting account. As with all other steps in this manual, this is usually very simple. Most sites will display a list of different sports, and clicking on each sport will bring up a list of currently available betting markets. The selection for each market is displayed along with their quotas. Once you have made a selection, it will be added to the bet slip. You then have to enter the amount you want to bet and confirm the bet. The corresponding amount will be deducted from your account at this time. Successful bets will be paid automatically, directly to your betting account.